Water was a focal point at many of our RV experiences this past year. Sparkling streams, glistening lakes, running rivers—they all have a cleansing effect on my soul. Water is a basic, essential component of our lives, but it’s also restorative, inviting reflection both literally and figuratively. To me, water is calming and mesmerizing. I love seeing sparkling scenes reflected in watery surfaces and ripples. … Continue reading Reflections

Happy Trails, Happy Tails

During this first year with Pearl, our RV, I wanted to read a classic travel tale: Travels with Charley by one of my favorite writers of all time, John Steinbeck. Every time we’ve traveled in Pearl this year, mostly weekends, I’ve read a chapter or two. It’s been extremely inspirational but also thought-provoking. As much as #VanLife is a thing, and as trendy as the … Continue reading Happy Trails, Happy Tails