Pearl’s Best of 2022

It feel like we’re finally getting into the groove of RVing.

Planning trips is such a circuitous process, and we’re just now catching our breath and getting into the swing of things! We just wrapped up our second full season of RVing in 2022, we have 2023 all planned out–and we’re starting to embark upon those exciting trips, and we’re dreaming and planning for our fourth season in 2024.

Here are some of our highlights! Continue reading Pearl’s Best of 2022

On the Rocks

Sometimes the sheer beauty of a bend in the trail, the way a shaft of sunlight reaches the forest floor, the bend of a frond of a fern, is enough to stop me in my tracks and savor the moment. And then, all of a sudden, a tiny bit of color catches my eye. Tucked into the curve of a tree root, or hiding in plain sight atop a trail marker, or in any number of fun little hiding spots in the woods, there’s a sign that someone “did” previously discover and savor this exact vista too—by leaving a kindness rock. Continue reading On the Rocks

Best of 2021: From Fave Hike to Fave RV Spot, Even Fave Doggie Break Stop

We learned a lot (understatement) during our first full year of RVing. What is the funniest “rookie” RV mistake you made? I will tell you about ours… On our very first outing, less than a mile from our home, on a notoriously winding S-curve, we found out how “not” to organize our RV fridge. Off-balance, the latch came undone, the door flew open, and a … Continue reading Best of 2021: From Fave Hike to Fave RV Spot, Even Fave Doggie Break Stop


Water was a focal point at many of our RV experiences this past year. Sparkling streams, glistening lakes, running rivers—they all have a cleansing effect on my soul. Water is a basic, essential component of our lives, but it’s also restorative, inviting reflection both literally and figuratively. To me, water is calming and mesmerizing. I love seeing sparkling scenes reflected in watery surfaces and ripples. … Continue reading Reflections

Happy Trails, Happy Tails

During this first year with Pearl, our RV, I wanted to read a classic travel tale: Travels with Charley by one of my favorite writers of all time, John Steinbeck. Every time we’ve traveled in Pearl this year, mostly weekends, I’ve read a chapter or two. It’s been extremely inspirational but also thought-provoking. As much as #VanLife is a thing, and as trendy as the … Continue reading Happy Trails, Happy Tails