Meet Pearl

At first, my husband didn’t want to “name” the RV. It’s probably not a guy thing to do. Whatevs.

But he knew I wouldn’t rest until I had hit upon the perfect name for her—because like a ship, I was already thinking of her as a “her.” So he played along, and laughed about my first 10 or so “stabs” at naming her.

About two weeks after parking our shiny new RV in our driveway, it hit me. There was no way he could deny the name “Pearl” was perfect. And he didn’t. Because it rang true.

Better than fuzzy dice… a pearl!

Why Pearl?

For years leading up to our 30th wedding anniversary, we’d been dreaming and searching for the perfect little vacation cottage or cabin. It was hard to choose the location. The beach or the mountains? Aside a lake or a trail? Nearby or faraway?

When the pandemic struck, along with travel restrictions, it hit us: We could choose “all of the above” by choosing our dream house on wheels, an RV.

The 30th anniversary symbol is a pearl.

Our RV is mostly-white… my favorite car color.

A pearl is created by a grain of sand inside an oyster shell. It happens serendipitously.

Finding a pearl inside an oyster shell, likewise, is a serendipitous discovery.

And what is RVing but serendipitous adventures on the road?

Join us, for our adventures and discoveries. I look forward to sharing “pearls of wisdom” gleaned from our travels… in Pearl. ❤

Does anyone else name their vehicles & what are they? Feel free to comment below–we’d love to hear from you!

One thought on “Meet Pearl

  1. While we’ve never named any of our RVs, there’s no denying that Pearl is the perfect name for yours. Happy travels … I can’t wait to see where Pearl takes you! Err, umm…where you take Pearl? Whatevs. 🙂

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