Coffee cups up

We’ve all seen them. Photos posted on social media showing our friends enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee to start their day on vacation. Most of the time it’s a shot of the coffee cup raised over a an ocean view. Instead of a “selfie” I guess you could call it a “cupsie.” 😉

I will admit to feeling envious. Why do those cups of coffee or tea over an oceanfront or lakeside view seem to taste so much sweeter, richer, flavorful?

The truth is… it’s not what’s in the cup.

Sometimes it’s the same blend that we regularly enjoy at home. Sometimes it’s a vacation spot’s regional favorite—discovered on vacation—that does indeed taste a little sweeter, bolder, flavorful, intruiging, with a hint of the mysterious. It speaks to new adventures.

But I think, more so than anything, it’s the time that is sweeter.

On vacation, we often allow ourselves the luxury of taking time for that lingering cup of coffee. We don’t have to rush into our daily schedule. It’s vacation—there shouldn’t be a schedule!

Starting the day by taking time to sit back, reflect, enjoy the view, and take sips—instead of gulps—of our favorite brew… that’s something to savor. Whether you’re on vacation—or not. 

Today’s Pearl of wisdom: Time is the most precious ingredient of our daily lives.

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