One of our favorite RV spots from the past year: Jackrabbit Mountain Campground, Nantahala National Forest, Lake Chatuge, NC

Water was a focal point at many of our RV experiences this past year. Sparkling streams, glistening lakes, running rivers—they all have a cleansing effect on my soul. Water is a basic, essential component of our lives, but it’s also restorative, inviting reflection both literally and figuratively.

To me, water is calming and mesmerizing. I love seeing sparkling scenes reflected in watery surfaces and ripples. The sound of water is also calming and relaxing, whether it’s trickling, splashing or rushing. It’s almost as if water washes away my stress and worries.

Today’s Pearl of Wisdom: Water invites reflection, cleansing our souls and washing away our worries.

Enjoy these reflective, watery scenes from our recent RV adventures… and feel free to comment below by sharing some of your favorite water-splashed RV adventures. (Click on any image to open a slide show.)

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